Hduarte Legal is a firm of legal advisors specialized in international arbitration and human rights, business and political consultants, with whom we provide security, trust and power to businessmen, NGOs and individuals that we are proud to call as clients.

We believe in freedom, in relationships with a long-term vision and in transcending, we believe that we all have the potential to do great things in life and we work in the creation of more inclusive societies for minorities and migrants. That is why all our actions have the purpose of generating a positive impact in the societies in which we are connected.

With our headquarters in Costa Rica, we have operational capacity in Central and South America to address a variety of aspects that range from legal advice to clients before, during and after litigation; accompaniment in business processes, as well as in critical moments after the occurrence of a media crisis or in its relations with the State

HDUARTE LEGAL legally represents clients who are facing CONFLICTS in the BUSINESS world, for specific SITUATIONS or as a result of belonging to a specific INDUSTRY.  


The advantages of HDUARTE LEGAL are: the technical compromise, impeccable ethic. In the same way we offer a personalized service, direct and without intermediaries, given that we have a policy of receiving few clients, so as not to compromise our specialized treatment to each of our clients. 

HDUARTE LEGAL have extensive experience in industries and sectors, such as media, construction, gambling, distribution, trusts, banking, financial, stock market, software, among others.  HDUARTE LEGAL provides legal advice to clients to deal with a variety of situations, in different areas of practice and industries, such as:

  • · Strategic business advice
  • · Legal analysis to undertake new business areas
  • · Creation of termination strategies for contractual execution.
  • · Analysis of legal actions available in national and international headquarters
  • · Analysis of the status of the execution of the contract
  • · Administration of contracts of: public and private concession, construction, license, franchising, distribution
  • · Accompaniment in commercial communications within the framework of a contract
  • · Claims for improper execution of construction contracts
  • · Start of Procedure for Settlement of Disputes in all types of contracts
  • · Crisis Management by Contractual Termination
  • · Analysis of criminal risks of certain activity
  • · Stabilization against Criminal Crisis against companies and individuals.
  • · Representation in criminal cases
  • · Media Crisis
  • · Legal responses to abuses of freedom of expression
  • · Crisis for violation of Constitutional rights in the process of creation of Laws (taxes)
  • · Crisis for Human Rights Violation
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