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Dr. John Corvino and Herman Duarte visits the US Embassy

US Embassy meeting.jpg
The United States of America is a reference for the world on matters related to human rights. My biggest inspirations have come from the land of the free and brave: Harvey Milk, Marthin Luther King Jr; and more recently Evan Wolfson and John Corvino.

We at Hduarte-LEX, felt honored that the US Embassy officers made a significant space on their agendas for us.

Special thanks to Mr. BIllingsley who organized this meeting.
— Herman M. Duarte

On March 19th, HDUARTE-LEX and Dr. John Corvino held a significant meeting with officers of public affairs, cultural and economic matters of the embassy of the United States of America.

The meeting, which took place at the main building in Sabana gives an additional strenght and support to HDUARTE-LEX unique model of working in favor of LGBTI minorities.