HDUARTE LEGAL carries out feasibility analysis of litigation before the Constitutional Chamber, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. In the same way, we provide analysis services of which is the best national or international mechanism to request precautionary measures that stop the action (of individuals or public entities) object of the litigation.

HDUARTE LEGAL offers services to companies, individuals and non-governmental organizations to represent them before these instances in order to carry out successful claims against human rights violations.

Varied cases that cover these areas:

  • Material actions of the Administration without foundation in an administrative act that injures rights, covering a variety of matters ranging from discrimination (racial, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious, social status) to property damage (expropriation), freedom and life
  • Arbitrary arrests allegedly committed by State authorities without legal justification.
  • Violations of constitutional rights by means of decrees or by means of law or administrative acts.
  • Violations of rights in the framework of an electoral process.

HDUARTE LEGAL represents clients to initiate a process before the Inter-American Human Rights System (IDHR), for which it provides legal advice in the determination if the resources have been exhausted in the internal jurisdiction of the States. These internal remedies do not apply in a general way for all cases, therefore, it is in attention to the individual case that one or the other may be exhausted.

In this way HDUARTE LEGAL represents clients to file claims before the Constitutional Chamber or before the Inter-American System:

  • Strategic litigation for violation of civil rights
  • International litigation for violation of human rights
  • International complaints before the United Nations Human Rights Council

For more information, download our Human Rights guide.

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