HDUARTE LEGAL represents clients in legal proceedings in civil and commercial litigation, providing creative and innovative strategic advice, in order to reach a successful solution even in the most complex litigation in any of its stages:

  • Prior to the start of conflicts: by means of accompaniment in daily communications with the parties to the contract, in order to minimize the possibility of being sued.
  • Crisis after the notification of the beginning of the conflict: In order to evaluate and determine the real risks before the litigation procedure arises.
  • Subsequent to the receipt of the court ruling: As important as winning a judicial process, is knowing how to take care of that result or have the tools to re-pair the court and have the ability to give an answer that allows the award through the feared ( or hopeful) recourse of nullity against the arbitration award.
  • Additionally, given that some cases require it, media management advice is also provided to position the issue in the public opinion.

HDUARTE LEGAL have extensive experience in industries and sectors, such as media, construction, gambling, distribution, trusts, banking, financial, stock market, software, among others.

HDUARTE LEGAL executes strategies to maximize the chances of success in complex litigation. Among the actions we offer are:

  • Legal audits,
  • Legal opinions,
  • From the representation of a party in a complex litigation from beginning to end.
  • Specific advice in the elaboration of a contract, in order to determine the best dispute resolution procedure,
  • Writing letters prior to commencement of legal proceedings,
  • Claims drafting,
  • Preparation of test hearings,
  • Elaboration of request for precautionary measures.
  • Exceptions of incompetence,
  • High impact presentations for opening hearings or conclusions, are some of the services we provide in the practice of complex litigation and arbitration.
  • También asesoramos a otros despachos en aspectos específicos como: asuntos jurisdiccionales, valoración de daños, definición de estrategias, preparación de audiencias orales o redacción de reclamos.

HDUARTE LEGAL provides legal advice to clients who have been victims of the abuse of the State in its different variants of its powers of empire. In this way, Hduarte Legal provides specialized advisory services in administrative matters covering various areas such as the assessment of the illegality of the administrative act or material actions within the framework of a sanctioning process or in an administrative contract, claims of restoration of economic balance before unilateral and unjustified variations, contractual fines, expropriation claims, request for urgent precautionary measures, among other areas.

HDUARTE LEGAL specializes in highly complex litigation at a national and international level. In addition, the area provides specialized advice on economic crimes, tax, cybercrime, violations of anti-corruption laws, abuse of freedom of expression through slander, insults and slander, laundering of national and international assets, and infringements of industrial property laws. and intellectual, among others.

HDUARTE LEGAL has extensive experience advising clients on issues of constitutional and administrative law of high complexity present in transactional or regulatory matters, whether during negotiations, due diligence processes, in the phases prior to a potential litigation or during a judicial conflict.

The advice of HDUARTE LEGAL ranges from legal opinions, legal reports and presentations before the Constitutional Chamber, through consultancies related to the transparency of public information, to legislative advice to both public and private organizations.