HDUARTE LEGAL has extensive experience in national and international commercial and investment arbitrations, under the most diverse local and foreign institutions, regardless of whether these are under the rules of national arbitration (CCA, CICA, CFIA, CAM) or under international regulations (SCC, ICC, JAMS, CIETAC, CAM, UNCITRAL/UCNITRAL, ICSID).


HDUARTE LEGAL provides creative and innovative strategic advice, in order to achieve a successful solution even in the most complex litigation in any of its stages:

-        Prior to the start of conflicts: through accompaniment in daily communications with the parties of the contract, in order to minimize the possibility of being sued.

-         Crisis after the notification of the beginning of the conflict: In order to evaluate and determine the real risks before the problem arises.

-     After receiving the arbitration award: As important as winning an arbitration, is knowing how to take care of that result or have the tools to re-pair the court and have the ability to give an answer that allows the award through the feared (or hopeful) appeal for nullity against the arbitration award.

HDUARTE LEGAL has extensive experience in industries and sectors, such as media, construction, gambling, distribution, trusts, banking, financial, stock market, software, among others.

LEGAL HDUARTE execute strategies to maximize the chances of success in complex litigation. Among the actions we offer are:

·  From the representation of a party in a complex litigation from beginning to the end of it;

·  Specific advice in the drafting of a contract (yes, arbitration clauses are the genesis of all problems), ( yes, arbitration clauses are the genesis of all problems ),  

·  Drafting letters prior to arbitration,

·  Claims drafting,

·  Preparation of evidentiary hearings,

·  Jurisdictional Challenges,

·  High impact presentations for opening hearings or conclusions, are some of the services we provide in the practice of complex litigation and arbitration.   

We also advise other offices in specific aspects such as: jurisdictional matters, assessment of damages, definition of strategies, preparation of oral hearings or drafting of claims.